Beyond The Page

BEYOND THE PAGE ~ hosted by award-winning author Sharon Cramer

Hear Sharon read  live every Monday @ 2:05 pm and 7 pm Pacific.

Sharon launched her weekly author read program in 2015 beginning THE EXECUTION, book 1, and recently completed RISEN, book 2 of her 3 book series THE WINTERGRAVE CHRONICLES.

Join with Sharon every Monday where she is currently reading NIVEUS, book 3.



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7 thoughts on “Beyond The Page

  1. […] Won’t you join me as I host BEYOND THE PAGE ? […]

  2. […] year Sharon began reading book 1 THE EXECUTION and recently read its final chapter. Step once again BEYOND THE PAGE every Monday at 2 pm and 7 pm Pacific Time as Sharon continues telling the tales of Wintergrave, […]

  3. […] I can’t wait to see you as we will step once more…Beyond the Page. […]

  4. […] For complete program information click here. […]

  5. I’m really looking forward to listening in to this program. What’s really cool is, since I’m a member, if I happen to miss an episode I can download it from Sharon’s podcast page and listen later … sweet!

  6. Ted Brown

    I am so looking forward to this!!! Pop the corn, and break out a tasty beverage!!

  7. Audiobooks… I get asked every so often when I will record a book as an audiobook. That notion appeals to me very much, and it’s sat like a half-baked cake on the back burner. Well enough of that! Let’s do The Execution! But how about an extra treat, since you’ve waited so long for this?

    Beginning August 16, 2015, I will be joining Indie Air Radio every Sunday evening at 6:00 Pacific Time to read The Execution. Join me from 6:00 to 6:30 for “Beyond the Page” and hear the words, just like they were when they fell onto the page. Plus, a few little extra surprises along the way!

    Won’t you join me? Cuddle up by the fire, well, maybe lakeside for now, and listen to this story unfold? Put the kids to bed, grab that favorite beverage, and take a trip you won’t regret…

    I’ll see you in the 14th century! ~ Sharon Cramer

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