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Visit Official Site: There is a man who, years ago, realized that his true calling in this life was to create and share music with the world. Never formally trained, and somewhat of a loner, he spent years reaching within himself and honing his art, with his guitar becoming his voice. In another part of the world there lived a man who, after working with various bands as a guitar-slinger, became disillusioned with his music. Retreating within himself , he too realized that his true calling was to be a solo instrumentalist with his guitar becoming his true voice.

After spending nearly a decade watching each other from the wings, and repeated suggestions by close friends that a musical partnership could take their solo careers to their next level, Jonathan Nicholson and Gary Burris have finally joined forces. Coined as “two brothers from different mothers” Jonathan and Gary are … The Rising Tide! With decades of individual craftsmanship and skill now combined, The Rising Tide is a musical tour de force which will mesmerize you with their guitar wizardry!


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View Gary Burris’s personal artist page here.


On December 14, 2014 The Rising Tide made 2 back to back performances on our concert stage. We invite you to enjoy the video of their song “The Good Life″.






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