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coolspaceListeners … Indie Air Radio is a publicly accessible, 24/7, commercial free Internet radio station. Our broadcast platform is similar to public and community radio. 

We are a curated community of artists funded by listening member and artist/ DJ member subscriptions. Our artists and DJ’s, (partnered associates), are provided financial support through our listening members subscriptions. As a part of listening membership we have created a sponsorship program where 50% of your $10 monthly subscription is paid to your favorite partnered artist or DJ associate. We pay our partnered associates monthly.

If you are an individual who buys local and supports small business you are probably “one of our people.”

Our goal is to deliver unique, intelligent and insightful content to our listeners while providing marketing and financial support to our partnered artists and DJ’s.



Our DJ Shows can be viewed here. View our entire community of artists below. Artists are listed alphabetically by first name. 


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cool3Artists & DJ’s … we are a curated artist community. Potential artists are either invited by artists who are associated with us or by Indie Air Radio management. Artists are presented to a voting panel and require a majority vote for acceptance. Upon acceptance our artists/ DJ’s (partnered associates) are provided a variety of marketing platforms, services and financial opportunities.

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We are “Artists Helping Artists” … Indie Air Radio!