We are proud to recognize Sharon Cramer as June’s featured “Artist of the Month”

Indie Air Radio celebrates Sharon Cramer and the re-launch of her weekly author read DJ Show BEYOND THE PAGE


Last year Sharon began reading book 1 THE EXECUTION and recently read its final chapter. Step once again BEYOND THE PAGE every Monday at 2 pm and 7 pm Pacific Time as Sharon continues telling the tales of Wintergrave, picking up with RISEN, book 2 of THE WINTERGRAVE CHRONICLES trilogy.

To prepare you for RISEN we are making the first 20 episode podcasts of THE EXECUTION publicly available to download and listen to. To access Sharon’s podcast page click here.

Sharon invites you to become a member of Indie Air Radio. As a part of membership you will also become a sponsor of her weekly DJ show BEYOND THE PAGE with a portion of your subscription $’s going directly to its support. Your membership will also provide you access to all of the BEYOND THE PAGE podcasts + more.

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Tune into BEYOND THE PAGE every Monday @ 2 pm and 7 pm Pacific Time and hear Sharon Cramer read her book RISEN, the second installment of THE WINTERGRAVE CHRONICLES.




We are “Artists Helping Artists” … Indie Air Radio!


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